Airborne quad power!

The Carrera RC helicopter fleet welcomes four new Quadrocopters.

Carrera RC’s airborne fleet continues to grow and is now launching aircraft with four-fold power. The new Quadrocopters with four-engine uplift offer a uniquely exciting kind of flying experience.


2.4 GHz 4-channel technology enables up to 16 aircraft to indulge in battles for airborne supremacy at the same time. The local area can also be explored due to powerful, frequency-independent digital proportional technology that allows the copters a control signal range of up to 50 metres!


Size isn’t always the key, as the Carrera RC Micro-Quadrocopter demonstrates. Four rotors and a protective cage still only come to a size of 7 x 7cm. The diameter of each of the 4 micro-rotors of the red and black flying object is just 2.8cm. The flashing LED positional lighting attracts plenty of attention and guarantees than nobody can miss this mini copter. Beginners/Advanced mode means this extraordinary hero of the skies is ideal, both for beginners and for the most experienced of pilots. The protective cage guarantees safety and stability, especially for beginners. The ‘Ready to Fly’ model can pull off a loop-the-loop or a barrel roll at the push of a button. Acrobatically, the nimble and diminutive Micro-Quadrocopter makes every other airborne rival look very stiff and old.


However, its bigger brothers also make a great impression, as does Quadrocopter CRC X1 with a rotor diameter of 5.5cm. The largest of the new members of the fleet is Quadrocopter CA XL. It’s also a real eye-catcher with a truly impressive rotor diameter of 13.5cm - distributed over total dimensions of 35 x 33cm to ensure the superior quality 4-axle gyro system is easily controlled and stable in flight. One particularly spectacular feature is the 3D loop function, including illuminated LED positional lighting. Throwing a loop at the press of a button is a ‘wow’ trick even beginners can do again and again to stun pilots of all ages. Advanced level copter enthusiasts can change over completely to 3D flight mode for unbeatable action way up high! A 3.7V – 650mAh LiPo battery is fitted to both of the Quadrocopters for a full seven minutes of airborne action. The USB cable is provided to ensure these high altitude heroes can be back up in the clouds after around 60 minutes in the recharger.


3D flight mode, loops and LED lights are all part and parcel of the 13 x 13cm Carrera RC Quadrocopter Video One with 5.5cm diameter rotors for tons of fun. However, this extraordinary aircraft doesn’t limit pilots to marvelling at the aerobatics of the Quadrocopter from the ground. The ground crew can enjoy a copter’s eye view of what’s going on. Quadrocopter Video One provides video and photo functionality. A 1GB micro-SD card is included to enable PC or laptop analysis of the pictures and footage as soon as the flight is over. Shake-free pictures and stable flight behaviour are guaranteed by the superior quality 6-axle gyro system. The Carrera RC Quadrocopter Video One is a ‘castle in the air’ that makes a bird’s eye view of the world a reality for every RC pilot. Beginner - advanced mode toggling allows every pilot to reach for the skies and to observe the world from above

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