Carrera RC Turnator – from another world!

This year Carrera RC is taking the excitement to another level with its ‘360° Flip Action’.

‘We only go fast’ is Carrera RC’s motto, but this year Carrera RC is taking the excitement to another level with its ‘360° Flip Action’. The new Carrera RC Turnator boasts absolutely unique looks and tops the driving skills of all its peers, achieving sensational previously unknown fun levels. 


The Turnator is Carrera RC’s master of all trades and can be clearly distinguished from all the other vehicles in the Carrera RC series. Its gigantic diametrically opposable wheels enable the Turnator to spin on the spot at full speed and to perform the most spectacular stunts. The most stunning feature of this RC flip-over model is its axles that can be turned 360° to face each other allowing the Turnator to ‘flip over’ on command. The Turnator is decorated in a two-colour look – one side red, the other side in a sophisticated silver – so the RC driver can always see which way up the Turnator is, and thus always has the vehicle under control. 


More information ath the follwoing link: Carrera RC Turnator!


Differential controls allow each of the axles of this dextrous athlete to be controlled separately. Hence, spectacular stunts are easy to perform and every RC driver can practice stunning driving tricks. Breathtaking moves and 360° flip-over stunts are par-for-the-course for this unique vehicle and the makers guarantee that after a long 20-minute all-action ride, RC drivers are happy to take a short +/-80-minute recharging break, before they resume their sporting challenges.


You want proof?! No problem, come and watch our brandnew spot now!

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