It’s Me, Mario

Bedroom racetrack fun around the globe with Carrera RC and the world’s most famous plumber!

'Mario' is probably the best-known plumber in the world and an incredibly popular character from the video game series ‘MarioKart™7. He’s now also available for Carrera RC service and will be creating noise and chaos in bedrooms around the world along with ‘Yoshi’ the green dinosaur. Just like in the cult video game, these two characters guarantee high speed action and great fun.


'Mario' and 'Yoshi' are faithfully honed to the cute comic look of the on-screen heroes and these RC lightning bolts are ready to tear down the road at top speeds of up to 20 km/h. Carrera RC’s own specially developed 2.4 GHz ServoTronic technology provides optimum cart control and easy, light-handed precise driving and steering in all directions, to ensure each driver can master the car and course around the high bends and at top speeds. Both of them give everything as they lean into the bends for high speed action manoeuvres. These authentic reproductions guarantee the ultimate ‘Mario Kart™7’ Carrera RC racing experience.


Carrera RC also brings the long-lasting fun of the video game into homes everywhere. However, whereas a video race only lasts around 5 minutes, Carrera’s real RC carts can produce up to 40 minutes of racing thrills before taking a short 80-minute recharging pit stop to get ready for the next high speed challenges.



Carrera RC - We only go fast!



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