It’s pedal to the metal time with Mario Kart™7

Mario, Yoshi, Donkey Kong and Bowser guarantee plenty of thrills on bedroom circuits everywhere!

Mario is every kid’s favourite. He’s the most popular Nintendo figure around and is a guarantee for great fun and action – on the classic arcade game, on the Gameboy or on a console. The Italian-American plumber has already starred in big TV shows and in the movies. In 1992 the popular star first caught the motor racing bug when the first version of Mario Kart was released in Japan. Yet, after 22 years of action the plucky plumber is as nippy as ever! The Nintendo Mario Kart™7 license allows Mario and his buddy Yoshi to guarantee Carrera RC drivers a really great time. From the end of the year Mario’s rivals, Donkey Kong and Bowser, will also be out on the grid and ready for action!  


The Carrera RC Mario Kart™7 cars are guaranteed to banish boredom forever when ‘Mario’, and his friend ‘Yoshi’ the green dinosaur, kick up the chaos in bedrooms and living rooms everywhere. Thrills and racing fun are guaranteed, since in the winter Gorilla Donkey Kong and Bowser, the giant turtle with a spikey shell, will also be rolling onto the Carrera RC fleet car park and generating lots of action. The drivers speed around at up to 20 km/h and lean and sway with every risky high-speed manoeuvre they execute, just as the figures themselves do.


Optimal control is ensured by Carrera RC’s own 2.4 GHz Servo Tronic technology that allows up to 16 drivers to compete at the same time. Differential gears facilitate super easy, multi-step steering and control. A 7.4 V – 700 mAH Li-Ion battery is also supplied and guarantees 40 minutes of driving thrills, needing just 80 minutes for a full recharge. All of the Carrera RC Mario Kart cars are ‘Ready to Run’ and can go from the box to the track in a matter of seconds, so the fun can begin immediately.


From the video game to the bedroom floor - Carrera RC Mario Kart™7 models offer even more thrills and excitement than ever before!

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