Perfect for men of all ages!

Carrera RC throws down the chequered flag on spring with several new TV spots!

True to the Carrera RC slogan ‘We only go fast’ there will be several high-power, all-action spots on TV.  


Carrera RC Red Bull Buggys

The Carrera RC Red Bull NX1 is a perfect hybrid of a chunky buggy and sleek racer. The fat tyres, silver rims and full-suspension chassis make this stylish buggy a genuine all-rounder. It also generates a thoroughly convincing top speed of 20 km/h on rough surface action and in on-road sprints. A short recharging break of around 80 minutes is followed by up to 40 minutes of non-stop driving thrills and power. 


Carrera RC Waterguns

The Carrera RC Green Splash Watergun and Fire Fighter Watergun are two ideal representatives of the Watergun clan and show all the spectacular special functions the series offers. At a top speed around 18 km/h the Green Splash Watergun is able to shoot a jet of water up to six metres to ensure there’s always plenty of water around, even on dry land. Furthermore, the head and brake lights attract attention at great distances and the broad pneumatic tyres allow this vehicle to remain in control for 40 minutes wherever water is needed.  


Carrera RC Turnator

The Carrera RC Turnator is one of the most acrobatic Carrera RC models around. It’s uniquely multitalented and looks completely different to the rest of the Carrera RC fleet. Its gigantic wheels can be turned to form a circle. This allows the Turnator to spin on the spot at full speed and it can also perform spectacular all-action flip-over stunts. A truly stunning feature of this acrobatic Carrera RC vehicle is the fact it can turn its axles 360° to make the Turnator flip over on command. 

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