The coming year is starting rapidly for Carrera RC.


The Carrera RC fleet will stop at nothing and enthusiasts with new and granting licences. 


The coming year is starting rapidly for Carrera RC. The unique 2,4 GHz Server technology and numerous license themes can be chosen from the different Carrera RC range: 2,4 GHz Servotronic technology 


Porsche 911:

Looking at the Porsche 911 everyone will be highly impressed. The Carrera RC Porsche 911 is a car of superlatives. The Porsche 9111 sweeps at a top speed of 20 km/h and is the first to cross the finish line at this challenge. Whether it is day or night, the white sports car generates attention with his noticeably red rims and the Bright front and back lights – just like the original. Its pneumatic tyres and full-suspension chassis cut a dashing figure, whatever the road surface. 

>> Carrera RC Porsche 911


Police Porsche:

The fast police Porsche is exactly the right car for fast chase sequences. Because of the original licence of Porsche, traffic offenders have to wrap up warmly. The car races afterwards bounders with flashing blue light and police siren which can be directly switched on over the Controller. The full-suspension emergency car does not only give a good visually impression but also offers speed onto the asphalt with top speed of up to 20 km/h.

>> Carrera RC Police Porsche


Ford F-150SVT:

Do you know the feeling that overcomes you when your heart is beating fast and it tingles in your fingers? You will experience this feeling with the Carrera RC Ford Raptor F-150SVT daily. The Ford speeds through lowland with up to 18 km / h top speed. The American Pickup ensures driving pleasure at the top class. Protected by a splash water proof, the offroader can show his power at wet traction and moreover creates attention with his front lights and back lights and his significant bumper.

>> Carrera RC Ford

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