Toy Innovation Award 2010

The Carrera RC Racing Machine has just won the Toy Innovation Award 2010.

Stadlbauer Marketing & Vertrieb GmbH wins the Toy Innovation Award 2010!


There was already great excitement among the Stadlbauer team on the evening before the opening of the 2010 toy fair in Nuremberg as they were awarded the immensely coveted Toy Innovation Award in the category of electronics and technology.


The winning product, the Carrera RC Racing Machine off-road jeep, won over the high-ranking jury of international toy experts with its innovative technology and concentrated power. It now spearheads a new product category produced by the Carrera racing team. The off-road jeep made by Stadlbauer Marketing & Vertrieb GmbH marks the company’s entry into the fascinating and exciting RC vehicle segment and is certain to attract large numbers of fans to the new product line.


The top favourites in the RC series are the Racing Machines with 2.4 GHz technology. These 1:10 scale models are equipped with front and brake lights, and are real RC giants. It goes without saying that such giants have the benefit of 4-wheel drive. This is the only product of its class to offer a display that serves as a stopwatch for the many challenges the driver encounters. It is also possible to adjust the height of the undercarriage via remote control (on-road/off-road mode). On-road mode is ideal for tarmac surfaces and off-road mode is perfect for heavy duty terrain. The control set can be adapted to left and right-handed players.


The Racing Machine is half a metre long and hides its muscles under racing bodywork made of a specially developed ductile plastic available in red, blue and black. There’s no hiding the power and speed packed into this 35 km/h bundle of energy. After all, it is a genuine, thoroughbred racer.


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