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Carrera RC leads the pack as boys become men and men become boys.

Boys become men. Men become boys.


Stadlbauer Marketing & Vertriebs GmbH, manufacturers of Carrera car racing sets, launched a new Carrera RC product line at the beginning of September. No other manufacturer in the toys and games segment can match the long-standing tradition of Carrera products for their combination of top speed, premium quality, superior aesthetics and the very latest technology. These qualities have of course been integrated into the remote control Carrera RC series vehicles, available from September 2010 as on-road  and off-road models in 1:20 and 1:10 scale, and on sale with 27 MHz or 2.4 GHz technology. 


One feature all 'Ready to Run' models incorporate is simple and intuitive operation – tear open the packaging and tear down the road! The Li-Ion batteries offer extremely long running periods with very short recharging times for great Carrera RC racing enjoyment. One very special feature of these models is the amazingly resilient plastic bodywork designed to cope with the most spectacular of crashes.


Carrera RC products win hearts with quality, speed and the latest technology


The top favourites among the entire RC series are the 'Racing Machines' with 2.4 GHz technology. These 1:10 scale models are equipped with front and brake lights, and are real RC giants. There’s no hiding the power and speed packed into this 35 km/h bundle of energy. After all, it is a genuine, thoroughbred racer.


Having obtained original licensing rights from VW and Hummer, as well as the Racing Machine Carrera has also been able to introduce their 'RC Rally' models in 1:12 scale and a detailed miniature version of two enormous originals. The two 4-wheel drive ‘Hummer H3 Baja Race’ models in silver and blue, and the 'VW Touareg Baja', all valiantly defy every bump and pothole the road has to offer.


These two 'Inferno' models in fire red and bright orange have added an immense portion of the fun factor to the off-road segment; the special ‘wheelie’ function enables the off-roaders to drive on their rear wheels.


Carrera RC has also entered their 'Buggies' in the race as the smallest automobiles on the RC series. These cars offer full steering functionality and can reach speeds of up to 20 km/h. All the 27 MHz models have two speed settings making them ideal toys for introducing kids to the fun of RC action. 


Last but not least, the model builders at Carrera have proven they can also offer typical top Carrera speeds on water, too. This dual engine model has a safety propeller and a range control function to ensure the boat always return to within the range of the transmitter.


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