Carrera RC models
Carrera RC Advantages
  • Ready to Run
    Ready to Run
  • Top Speed
    Top Speed
  • Differential Gears
    Differential Gears
  • Full-spring Suspension
    Full-spring Suspension
  • Pneumatic Tyres
    Pneumatic Tyres
  • Special Plastic Bodywork
    Special Plastic Bodywork
  • Long running time with|Power Battery
    Long running time with
    Power Battery
  • Quick recharging with|Turbo Charger
    Quick recharging with
    Turbo Charger

Full Function

Controllable forwards aswell as left and right
  • interruption-free and frequency independent due to 2.4 GHz radio signal technology
  • Range: up to 60 meters
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2.4 GHz technology

digital proportional controls
  • 360° continuously controllable
  • Reaction to the slightest accelerator movement
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