Carrera RC models
Carrera RC Advantages
  • Ready to Run
    Ready to Run
  • Top Speed
    Top Speed
  • Differential Gears
    Differential Gears
  • Full-spring Suspension
    Full-spring Suspension
  • Pneumatic Tyres
    Pneumatic Tyres
  • Special Plastic Bodywork
    Special Plastic Bodywork
  • Long running time with|Power Battery
    Long running time with
    Power Battery
  • Quick recharging with|Turbo Charger
    Quick recharging with
    Turbo Charger

Infrared technology

Digital proportional · range: up to 12 metres · up to 3 helicopters can be controlled in parallel
Red Buzzer
Art. No.:
Red Buzzer
Carrera RC Micro
Art. No.:
Carrera RC Micro Helicopter

Digital proportional

Independent of frequency · range: up to 50 metres · up to 16 helicopters and quadrocopters can be controlled at once
Orange Sply
Art. No.:
Orange Sply
Green Vecto
Art. No.:
Green Vecto